A new way of thinking in Sugarcane Harvesting and Logistics.

SCHLOT is a comprehensive value chain modelling for sugarcane harvest, transport and milling. Detailed modelling and estimates on demand.

End the Waste


Harvesting is a tough game, and small mistakes can have big impacts on profitability for everyone involved. SCHLOT works through the harvesting and milling process, from cane in the field to sugar in the bin, and highlights the different costs and benefits of any change in one paddock relative to another.

Higher profit through reduced losses

Analysis of harvesting losses, and comparisons of machine harvesting relative to hand cutting in other countries indicate that the losses in sugar value associated with harvesting can be much greater than the actual cost of harvesting. Reducing direct and indirect losses means more money for the Industry to share. SCHLOT is the most significant tool yet to emerge to help the Industry reduce these losses.

Harvesting for    Profitability

Simply reducing machine speed can reduce losses, but often increases the cost of harvesting.

SCHLOT lets you evaluate the cost of doing things differently against the cost of doing it - and to confidently find the most profitable harvesting strategy.

 SCHLOT lets you have the whole picture at your fingertips.

SCHLOT is the only sugarcane management software on the market that lets you quickly and easily evaluate the benefit of doing something different in harvesting. By evaluating the impact of any change on the whole industry, it is possible to maximise profitability for the industry as a whole.

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